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No More Books
October 29, 2010, 4:13 pm
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This article highlights the Denver University library and how they are removing over 140,000 books from their shelves. They are deciding to go more technology based and have more room for computers and space for people to discuss readings over technology. They will have stations for people to hook up their nooks or ipads to docks to electronically “check out” books from the library. They will have more outlets for computers to stay charged for research and papers. The space created will open up the library and make it more interactive friendly. The books being replaced will be stored in the basement or transferred to other libraries or book stores. I am indecisive on how I feel about this move. I do believe after being in college that sometimes you cannot just make a book electronic to get the same meaning. Hopefully they have computers in the library that contain encyclopedias and other information that can easily be printed off. With everyone needing instant gratification in today’s society the move doesn’t surprise me.

Morningside has been going this way for some time now. A bunch of books were weeded over the summer to make room for the rhet and comp offices. The Pres. wants the library to be a social place. And since students can do a lot of research from their dorms, it does make sense to make the library a bit more fun, just to get students in the door.

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