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I’m feelin’ hot hot hot
October 15, 2010, 4:28 pm
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It seems Sioux City is not the only city in America feeling unusually hot temperatures. Holy smokes it’s GLOBAL WARMING! That Al Gore is a genius. The article I read says Denver is poised to break a heat record of 82 degrees set in 1932 today by having a projected temperature of 84. I wonder if the topic of global warming came up in 1932 when it 82 degrees? The farmers here have absolutely loved this temperature this season and most are projecting finishing the harvest up to a month ahead of schedule. This time last year we were already hunkering down for winter as more than an inch total had fallen and it was rainy and cold daily. This year windows are still down and the jackets have yet to come out of boxes in the attic. Now while I agree I am enjoying the hot weather still, I wonder if this means that this winter may be the worst yet. All the way up until this hot October everyone said that this winter would be much worse than the last. Is Winter saving it all up for an epic performance of snow and ice? We will all have to wait and see. I have a round of golf to play. And yes it is the middle of October.

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