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Governor Brandstad
October 15, 2010, 4:37 pm
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Governor Brandstad continued his tour across the state of Iowa by making a quick stop at Morningside College. A full auditorium room listened carefully to the former Governor and then participated in a question and answer session that was more question than answer.

The former Governor on more than one occasion went to political answer of, “I’ll leave that up to the voter.” The questions that had direct answers were given that simple answers but other thoughts lacked details.

Although the crowd was mainly the older generation making sure their money was in good hands the questions that the few students asked were not answered well at all. The Governor stayed very close to his own agenda.

The meeting quickly ended with a rather uncanny ability of the middle part of the audience to begin clapping in unison and Governor Brandstad is on to continue his journey of visiting every college in Iowa.

Probably “Former Governor Terry Branstad”

The first paragraph is a good summary. The second and ensuing graphs are subjective. Not everyone heard the Gov the same way you did. Show me rather than tell me.

   fuglsang 10.20.10 @ 7:49 pm