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Awesome New PE Program in Boulder, CO
September 24, 2010, 6:38 pm
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About 40 miles from my hometown, Boulder, CO elementary school Douglass Elementary has implemented a new PE program. I think it is absolutely fantastic that they have added a skateboarding portion to their PE curriculum. For years PE in school was a waste of time and the teachers were not able to truly get kids active. They merely jumped rope or played silly games that didn’t transfer over to activity away from school, besides the kids playing on sports teams. Giving kids the opportunity to learn to skateboard in class can transfer to them continuing practice outside of school and gaining a better perspective on their well being. Besides simply making them active, skateboarding teaches balance, coordination, patience, and fun. What makes this story newsworthy is that this is the first program of its’ kind implemented in the United States. The program looks to grow across the US in the near future but has already begun in Boulder, CO and is getting positive feedback. Kids are equipped with pads and a basic beginners skate board and then a professional trained skate boarder teaches the class. The kids are excited to go to class because it is something that has never been taught before in any school district. I wish I was back in elementary school.

The parents of the first kid who falls off a board and cracks his wrist will sue, and the school will go back to jump ropes and square dancing. When I was in school I remember playing games on these little square four-wheeled boards. Kinda lame, but better than the parachute thing.

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