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Lead exercise 2
September 15, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Lead Exercise 2


A cat that was stuck in a tree has caused Bob Harwood, a local firefighter, to break his left leg.  The house located at 102 11th Ave. contains a large oak tree in which the calico cat, belonging to twins Suzanne and Samantha Decker, climbed up the tree and was stuck. Local firefighters responded to the incident and arrived at the house owned by Charlie and Kim Decker. The fire department decided that the best plan of action would be to climb and rescue the cat.

Bob Harwood was the lucky firefighter picked to climb up into the large oak tree. He climbed upwards of 50 feet in an attempt to capture the cat and bring him down safely. After retrieving the cat Bob, while trying to come down nice and easy, stepped on a dead tree limb and it broke 15 feet above the ground. Bob suffered a broken left leg and is doing “just fine” recovering at St. Luke’s hospital. As for the cat, well he landed safely on top of Bob and the twins couldn’t be happier.


A false fire alarm sounded at East High School three times this past Wednesday. The fire alarms are the most recent of several incidents that have occurred at the high school as of late. Students have been suspended for being caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot and had a food fight as part of those recent incidents.  Principal Laura Vibelius  says that she sees to continuation of these events in the near future.

These incidents are thought to be occurring because students are disgruntled over ten upperclassmen being suspended for the marijuana smoking in the parking lot. Principle Vibelius seems to think that there is no correlation between the smoking incident and the students being disgruntled. She says it simply boils down to the students being ready for summer vacation and to be done with school.


An overturned Texaco gasoline truck spilled and flooded sewer lines for two blocks around.  The accident occurred at 48th street and Correctionville road. The incident caused cars to be rerouted through side streets around the fairly large gas spill.  Four families had to be evacuated because of sewer-line gas. The gas spill stretched into streets and ditches and caused a major mess for the two-block square radius.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for such an occurrence.” The spill was considered serious for two hours until the gas flushed away from the area. Fire crews were prepared to handle the situation or it would have been a much bigger ordeal. Families were allowed back into their houses shortly after the two hour mark when the evidence of gas started to evaporate.

#1: Powerful cat. Don’t you think it was the tree’s fault? Or maybe Bob is clumsy. This just needs to be more direct. Firefighter broke his leg saving a cat.

#2: Better. Begin the second graf with “Vibelius says…”

#3: Good. Much better arrangement of facts.

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