MCM Explosion

An explode occurred at Mega City Mall at 9:50 near the DQ in the food Corte. No one has calmed responsibility for the explosion and there is no information at this time as to why there was an explore. 100 people where injured but we do not know the servility of it yet we do know that two people have been severely injured one male and one female. We can not release names at the time tell we take to their family’s.

There was a mom that was missing her 12-year-old at the time of the explore and has still yet to be fond. Joy the mom of the chilled is still looking for her kid.

Dylan a man I a wheelchair was over by shelled at the time of the explore. He was just taking his normal day stole around the mall when it happened. He exited the billing and called his wife right away to live the mall.

Engle’s a mall detective saw behind a wall eating a done near the food cortex. He clams to have saws the DQ and McDonalds managers fighting at around the time of the incident.

At this time on one knows for sheer why the boom had gone off and by who. The mall will be closed for today and problem most of the week. There will be a nether pries conference latter tonight and we will have more information hopefully soon.

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