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Dan Santella has written a lot in his life. In grad school he wrote a tremendous amount, at least 30 to 40 pages, along with, reading and traveling around the world. He did all that to become a journalist and work for KELOLAND news, but the detail and hard work he did to achieve that was what it takes to be a journalist.

Santella has been all around the world from Washington, D.C. for college, to Mexico, Omaha, Texas, Rogan Valley, and Sioux Falls. He majored in Spanish. He has the ability to interact with people and get to know them on a human level, to listen to the personal tings they have to say to him. He learns to take risks with his job like his internship in Texas.

“You got to take those risks. There was a conviction at the end of 2013 that I wanted to pursue journalism in same way shape or form,” said Santella.

Santella has wanted to be a journalist for as long as he can remember. He knows what it takes to be one. He has always liked communicating and interaction with people. He knows that you have to do it right and not mess up. Use details and accurate in research. To make sure everything is correct.

“realizing if you screw up, a lot of people see it. Also the hardest part to it is the finality to it. People are getting news from it, it has to be accurate,” said Santella

Santella knows that if he wavers wanted o be a journalist he had to stand out above the others, to be able to do things other can not. To speak different languages is to connect with people and the interviewer, to get on a personal level with them.

“you have to be a master of the language. To become obsessed of English, to be really good at it and don’t stop,” said Santella.

Santella has to give it his all to be the journalist he is now. He pushes himself to the limit, and then push a little more, he knows that you can not just say facts. To have a voice that shows in your work that will catch your readers attention and make them want to know more of what is going on.

“you got to understand how to tell a narrative. Develop a narrative you can’t just regurgitate facts. You have to push yourself don’t be complacent,” said Santella.

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