nick king non combative personality

Nick king describes himself as someone how is non combative. That meaning when an argument comes up he avoids it.

when he gets in an argument with someone he says “wait day. With that he will wait a day before saying anything to avoid being in a big argument with someone. A way the king tells us that he has done this is when he was offended by one of his friends.

Him and one of his friends where playing video games and doing a skype streaming while playing. While playing the game a tag one of his friends did offended him. But instead of getting mad at his friend waited and by the next day had let it go.

By him being non combative he has avoided arguments and saved his relationships with peole.him waiting and letting the feelings go away overtime has done good for him and having that personality is a very amazing thing.


  1. Your goal should be tell the story and not have to tell readers the point you are making. You should be able to make your point by showing. The middle two grafs could do that with a bit more detail.

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