News comment week 12

USD or University of South Dakota had an assault scandal October 22. A girl was having intercourse with her signifagent other when two football players walked in on them and forcedly had sex with the girl. The girl reported this to the school and the two football players admitted to raping her but when the school had finally relished the information to the authority’s the two football players where not pressed with charges and let go. I mean if yo get this told to you by a student you should be taking action right away not just delaying it like they did. i think it was wrong of the school to do that and that things should have been dealt with quickly and faintly. if it was the football players would not have been let off.


  1. What about the “significant other”? What’s his role in this?
    To apply this to news writing, this is an example of how legal stories play out over time. This story is from two weeks ago. The two were in court today (11.114) to enter pleas. Justice moves slowly.

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