news comment week 7

The Las Vegas shooting was and is a big thing that has been going on right now and we all want to know what was wrong with the shooter. He was rich and was not in the army and was 64 years old and did not fit the age group for a mass murderer in the eyes of the law. They will not let out and mental illnesses given FAA laws on that. what we want to know is what would make someone do that when they have not problems and seem to have a good life. I don’t know what he was thinking and no one who know him his family or girlfriend know of why he would do that. People think that it was a form of a tarorest attack but how knows. All i want to know is why he did this the article told us about him and what his family know about him but we need more and we want to know more.


  1. FAA? Still no information about his motive. He does not fit the profile of a mass shooter. Keep an eye on how the story develops.

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