Lede exercise 4a

Christy Wapniarski is prisoned  died when she and her friends want for a boat ride.

Randy Cohen, Christy Wapniarski, Daniel Perrin, and Tammy Ennis- students at Armstrong Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Florida. They want sailing on a 16-foot catamaran boat. At about 5pm there boat prang a lead and had capsized. The four students hung on to tone of the catamaran’s pontoon’s all night. When the sun came up they decided to swim to shore at Ormond Beach four mile away. While swimming to shore Wapniarsk called for help to Cohen how was about 2o feet way. Wapniarski had said that a shark had attacked her. Cohen called to Ennis to help him but she yelled “Randy, don’t go back there, you’ll get eaten, too.” Cohen swam to Wapniarsk but was reedy unconscious. He swam with her on his shoulder. Perrin with to help him and cheeked Wapniarskis pulse he told Cohen that she was dead but Cohen refused to let go. It took the three students six more hours to reach shore. Cohen was batten by dozens of Portuguese men-of-war. He is in Halifax Hospital, while the others where examined and released.


61 people aborted a United Airlines jet crashed while Chicago’s second city airport fir day afternoon.

Most plane passengers where killed when the plan plowed throng homes in a residential districted south of the city.  The National Transportation say board in Washington immediately dispatched an investigation team. The plans final destination was Omaha; NE. one survivor Maven Anderson of Omaha know some thigh was wrong when the pilot started to rev the engines.

A United spokesman said “the plan, flight 553, was due at Midway at 2:30 p.m. CST. The plane was approaching the airport whit a 5oo foot celling and a one-mile visibility.”

The cook county corner reported 42 bodies had been found dead and among those bodies was Rep. Gorge W. Collins, C-ill. Who was return it from Washington to organize a children’s Christmas party.

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