Kids interaction to society (story 1 Draft)

Over the past decade there seems to have been a decline is kid’s interaction with one another and society.

Over the year’s kid’s interaction skills have been declined and kids are more focused on playing with kids virtually on there electronics then they are playing with them outside. According to Julia da Silva “as this 2010 report indicates children spend on average 7:38 hours a day on media (or more than 53 hours a week.)”

Kaiser Foundation’s found that kid’s interaction with electronic and media increases based on the fact that they have easy access to and or own a mobile device. Manly cell phones or tablets.

Foundation reports indicated that 66%of children from the age of 8-18 years of age have their own cell phone. Kid with them spend and average of 33 min talking to some one on it and 49 min listening to music, watching TV/movies and playing games per a day and that dose not include kids texting or using social media.

Victoria L. Dunckley M.D. from mental wealth says that the amount of screen time is taking away for green time. That being said that kids are more focused of there screen and spending less time out doors. Research shows that time outdoors especially when interacting with nature and other people out side playing can “Restore attention, lower stress, and reduce aggression.”

The time one the screen is not always bad it can be a form of education and relaxation but number of studies show that it can delay cognitive development in kids with extended exposer to electronic and media. Given the fact that kid don’t interact with other much now days it can render their interaction with society to the point where the only interaction they have is with a pixelated screen in there face.



  1. I think what would make this story better is some more stats on electronic usage. Find some comparisons between the two sides of the conflict, the electronic communication and personal communication. Stats seem to speak to people pretty well. The stats you have are good, just look for some more “shocking” stats, or stats that can be more comparable.

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