News comment 2

A  news article from Vox talks about hurricane Harvey and how the Mexico government wants to help with the people of Texas. To offer added and support to the people like they did bake when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The Mexican government is calling it neighbors help neighbors. This meaning that we will help you even when you will not help us. The Mexico government did this to get back at trump for him saying that Mexico will billed their own wall between the US and their border. It is a smart way to fight Trump by doing kindness. You know the saying kill them with kindness, and that is exactly what the Mexico government is doing. Though Trumps advisers have yet to say anything yet on whether or not they can help the offer is still out there to help the people of Texas. I don’t know why Trump and his team have not side yes the people there need all the help they can get.


  1. This is definitely ironic, considering the content of recent stories about Mexico. Relate the story to our class discussion, Aleigha. What is the news value here? Probably conflict, but maybe human interest as well. Who is the audience? It depends. A cynical person might say this is aimed at Trump voters.

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