From Cages to Homes

Animal cruelty can be found worldwide. Neglect takes the lives of so many animals every year. Puppy mills are one source of neglect. It is a location where dogs are bred on a large scale but their well-being and health are not as important as profit. This is the case in this article where a human society worker raids a puppy mill. Little did the worker know that he would be taking home a new friend that day. Read about Billy the malnourished Chihuahua here.

This article brings a light to animal cruelty and also shows the love and affection that can be given to these animals. Humans need to take responsibility for the lives they help bring into this world. There is nothing more disturbing than watching people let animals die and rot in cages. The animal didn’t ask to be there. The person put them there and they need to at least recognize that they are responsible.

Pit Bull Blues: Looks Don’t Mean Everything

Again and again the Pit Bull faces many different kinds of criticism. This breed has often been used in dog fighting and because of their stocky build and powerful muscles they are deemed dangerous. Society has managed to only want to look at this dog in one light and that is negative.

Pit Bull owners are also facing the challenge of being judged because they own them. Some landlords will not let people with Pits rent out their property. This is clearly discrimination that would probably not arise if say the person owned a Lab or a Bulldog. Read more about Pit Bulls and how they are still being viewed here.

I enjoyed this article and I don’t really think I would change anything. My parents owned a Pit Bull and a Pit mix when I was really young and they never had any issues with them. I do believe that most of the time a mean dog comes from a mean owner. I actually can say that I have never met a mean Pit Bull. I am a delivery driver and I delivered to the same house out in the country and they owned a Pit Bull. If any other delivery driver saw that dog they would be worried about leaving the car. I never did and Lola, the Pit Bull, was just a sweet dog that wanted my food and my love. It is funny how society is still so wrapped up in the breed when they should be looking at the dog’s owner. That is where the problem really lies.


Rough Draft Broadcast Stories

1.)Good news to anybody who has a big appetite. Pizza Ranch has decided to expand its reach in the Siouxland area and has announced their new location on Floyd Boulevard across from Walmart.

The nearest Pizza Ranch right now is located in Sergeant Bluff, IA and is owned by Brad Cleveringa and Tyler Sickles. The original Pizza Ranch restaurant opened in Hull, IA in 1981. The restaurant is known for its wonderful buffet options which include a pizza buffet, chicken buffet, and a salad bar.

The General Manager of the Sergeant Bluff Pizza Ranch, Jarrod DeGeorgia, has announced that he will be relocating to the new store and is both excited and sad.

Amanda Zylstra, a current manager at Sergeant Bluff, will also be making the transfer to the new Floyd location.  She describers here feelings on the new store.


There are currently over 165 Pizza Ranch locations and this addition on Floyd is just one of many more to be added to the list.

2.)Morningside College has always been able to deliver many forms of entertainment to the public. The most recent project that students are working on is the play Almost, Maine by John Cariani.

The show is composed of 9 vignettes that cover love and loss in a mythical place that almost exists. This place is called Almost, Maine.

The show is direct by Kenton Jones and Morningside college will present “Almost Maine” at 7:00 pm on Nov. 15th, 16th, and 17th and at 2:00pm on Nov. 18. The show is being performed in the Klinger-Neal Theatre.

General admission tickets are $7. Students, faculty, and staff are admitted free of charge with their ID.

Morningside students have been working long and hard on this show and many people are really excited to see this performance.


3.) College students face stress on a day to day level. They are running on little to no sleep and are doing everything they can to get by. On top of school work and social cravings some students are striving to make their relationship with God stronger.

Elevate is a college ministry opportunity that is offered by Sunnybrook Church here in Sioux City. Students meet at the church every Tuesday night at 7:45.

Bailee Keizer, a student leader at Elevate, describes a typical night.

Elevate is open to all college students in the Sioux City area and encourage students to come check it out.

Dazed and Confused in Colorado and Washington

Americans have finally done it. Their votes have gotten Amendment 64 in Colorado passed.The Amendment legalizes small quantities of Marijuana in Colorado. Colorado isn’t alone though, Washington is also another state to legalize the drug. Everybody seems to be a little light headed over the subject as new anchors everywhere crack jokes about Pot.

Some people think that this legalization will help the economy and others do not agree. Regardless of what people think Colorado and Washington are almost like the guinea pig in this situation. Who knows, maybe soon after other states will be experiencing this new legalization?

See video here.

The cover of the story could have been a little broader but I don’t think it was too bad. I would have included some other people to interview in the video. People who are for and people who are against it would have made the video better.

The Disappearance of the Tiger

It is easy for people to think of nothing but themselves. The selfishness that the human being is capable of is stunning. This trait sums up the majority of people involved in poaching tigers and those involved in illegal trade.

The World Wildlife Fund warns that tigers are on the verge of extinction and will all together disappear in less than a generation. The WWF has launched a new campaign to try to save these rare creatures.

All together the number of Tigers that are in the wild has dropped to 3,200. This is less than the number of tigers held in captivity in the United States alone.

The tiger is threatened by many factors, including “poaching, habitat loss, poorly planned development and illegal trafficking,” the WWF explained. “And there are few regulations to keeps those tigers from ending up on the black market.”

The WWF is working with the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to put a stop to the use of traditional remedies such as tiger bones. These medicines are nothing but tradition and belief. They do not serve in a positive way but instead almost seem like a placebo to these people.

The WWF wants to find a way to double the current tiger population by the next Year of the Tiger in 2022. Money is a huge factor in this campaign movement as well as government help. These are both tricky things to achieve but the WWF is bound and determined to save the tigers.

After all, there were about 100,000 tigers roaming wild at the start of the 20th century. If the WWF does not take action there may not be a single tiger roaming in the wild.



Happily ever after is not in store for a recently married couple. Richard Brunson, 50, and Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, were married Saturday on the front porch of their home, 617 Jackson Street.

The wedding was held at 2 p.m. and 30 relatives and friends attended. Everything seemed to be going so well. Vicki Holmes, who lives across the street, explains the couple’s wedding. (Vicki)

It did not take long for the marriage to turn sour. Police spokesman Sgt. Mann (SgtMann) reported, an unlikely event occurred at 5 p.m. that same night after the bride through a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at the groom. Richard Brunson then proceeded to shot his new wife with a .22-calibre handgun.

Unfortunately the brides three children where there during the event though none of them were harmed. A neighbor called the police after hearing cries from the children for help. When the police arrived they found no groom. His whereabouts are still unknown

Laurette Brunson is recovering at St. Lukes hospital. She is in satisfactory condition after being shot in the abdomen.


Everybody Suffers

When people think of Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Cast they usually only think of the people effected. Powerful storms can hurt more than just people and often effect animals just as much. That is the case with two waterfront aquariums, New York Aquarium and Jenkinson Aquarium.

Flooding has effected these aquariums so much that they have been closed and the animals are facing relocation. Animals normally have that natural instinct to get away when bad weather is heading their way. It is a little more difficult when these animals are in captivity.

Read more here

This article is written well and gives the reader information on how the animals are holding up. Everybody wants both people and animals to be safe. This article also lets readers know how they can help. I feel that information is also what makes this article a good article.

The Hits Keep Coming


After Hurrican Sandy hit the damage done was pretty clear. The whole East Coast has been effected by this super storm. The end of the strom though has not given victims much time to evaluate the damage done. A second storm threatens to continue to add to the damage that has already been dealt. Some people are just asking what more another storm could even do. A lot of people have lost everything already. Read more here.

Nature is such a powerful thing. People can’t stop nature but they can sure take action to stay alive. People also have the ability to come together and work as one to clean up after these powerful acts of nature. The damage has been done but now is the time to work together and do all that is possible to restore the East Coast.

Rare Rhinos Under 24-hour Armed Guard

  I actually found this article on accident when I was looking on my Facebook wall. It showed the image above of a rhino being heavily guarded. I obviously had to know what was going on with this image and instantly read the article.

Rhinos have been under attack from poachers for a long time now. They are normally hunted for their horns. It is sad to read that there are only four white rhinos left in the world. Not only is that a sad though but the fact that they need armed body guards is sickening as well. Poachers just don’t care if they wipe them out or not. Conservatories in east Africa are doing all they can to save this species. Read more here.

I feel this article is jam packed with a lot of information for the reader to handle at one. If I were to write an article over these rhinos I would condense it a little more. I do not feel there is really anything wrong with this article though. It was very interesting and it makes you think about how much of an impact people have on wildlife. When it gets to the point that a species of rhino has to be protected by armed guards I think people need to work harder to stop poachers and inform the public more and more about this gruesome act of selfishness.