Hot Yoga at Evolve

I have to say that I absolutely loved doing yoga at Evolve today! Erin, our instructor, was so kind and helpful in guiding us in our hot yoga session. It was certainly a challenging and sweaty experience. Despite knowing that I am going to be sore tomorrow, I would certainly do hot yoga again. I loved Erin’s teaching style and I found the yoga experience even better with the music that they had playing. I felt like the only thing I wanted to focus on was the yoga session. I didn’t feel as distracted as I normally do. The way the session ended definitely the cherry on top of the whole experience. I am all for aromatherapy and the use of oils. Erin rubbed peppermint oil onto the backs of our necks and a dab on our four heads. The menthol in the oil helps you relax even more and helps your body cool down. It really did help a lot. Overall, I loved the hot yoga experience and could for sure see myself doing it again.