Bhakti Yoga

Today we learned a lot about Bhakti/Puja Yoga. My group decided that we are going to make a shrine to the Hindu godess Kali. She is the Goddess of Time and Change. She is represented as the consort of Shiva. Kali’s name mean several things. Black, time, death, and lord of death are a few of the meanings. My group will attempt to build a shrine that honors Kali as best as we can. Tomorrow we will go and gather any materials that we need to make this happen.

We also did some core strengthening yoga today as well as some three part breathing. I would have to say the the three part breathing is my favorite exercise that we do. Our meditation that we did today focused on strengthening our ability to be mindful. It takes a lot of practice and we learned that today by using a breathing exercise. We attempted to count to 10 breathes, in and out, without thinking of anything other than the present time. Any time that something else popped into our heads we had to start over. I think this method of practicing mindfulness is a very good technique. It is a sense of self discipline when your mind starts to wander.