From Cages to Homes

Animal cruelty can be found worldwide. Neglect takes the lives of so many animals every year. Puppy mills are one source of neglect. It is a location where dogs are bred on a large scale but their well-being and health are not as important as profit. This is the case in this article where a human society worker raids a puppy mill. Little did the worker know that he would be taking home a new friend that day. Read about Billy the malnourished Chihuahua here.

This article brings a light to animal cruelty and also shows the love and affection that can be given to these animals. Humans need to take responsibility for the lives they help bring into this world. There is nothing more disturbing than watching people let animals die and rot in cages. The animal didn’t ask to be there. The person put them there and they need to at least recognize that they are responsible.

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