Dazed and Confused in Colorado and Washington

Americans have finally done it. Their votes have gotten Amendment 64 in Colorado passed.The Amendment legalizes small quantities of Marijuana in Colorado. Colorado isn’t alone though, Washington is also another state to legalize the drug. Everybody seems to be a little light headed over the subject as new anchors everywhere crack jokes about Pot.

Some people think that this legalization will help the economy and others do not agree. Regardless of what people think Colorado and Washington are almost like the guinea pig in this situation. Who knows, maybe soon after other states will be experiencing this new legalization?

See video here.

The cover of the story could have been a little broader but I don’t think it was too bad. I would have included some other people to interview in the video. People who are for and people who are against it would have made the video better.

1 thought on “Dazed and Confused in Colorado and Washington

  1. Nice image! This is news for a lot of reasons, but hasn’t actually got a lot of attention that I’ve noticed. My guess is people aren’t getting excited because this will be hard for the states to implement. It will also affect Washingtonians and Coloradoans in ways they have not considered.

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