Article 4

Hy-Vee is a grocery store chain in the Midwest that is known for its great service. Nobody in the business knows this better than Bob Taylor.

            Bob has been at Hy-Vee since he got out of high school. He worked his way up from a cashier, to the human resources manager over the course of his illustrious 30+ year tenure at Hy-Vee.

            When asked why he has stayed in the business so long Taylor simply answered, “I love what I do. My favorite thing is to see all of the smiling faces of my employees.”

            Taylor also admitted that his time at Hy-Vee may be coming to an end soon. “The kids are finally moved out and through college, and I think it’s about time to sit at home, hang out with my wife, and enjoy a beer.”

            Though his career may be coming to an end soon store director Mike Haiar will be sad to see Taylor leave. “He has done such a great job as the human resources manager that it is going to be tough to find a replacement.”

 Haiar, who has just recently been named store manager, has been working with Bob for the last several years, commented on Taylor’s enthusiasm for the job. “He never has shown up in a bad mood. Every single day he shows up smiling and ready to help whoever needs it.”

Not only will Taylor be missed in the offices upstairs, but he will be missed by the employees of the store as well. Hy-Vee employee and Briar Cliff student Jeremiah Glise, is one of the many employees that Taylor has hired over his career.

When asked what his thoughts on Taylor were, he responded “Bob is one of the best, and most genuine people I know. He is always willing to go the extra mile for you, and will never complain about doing it.”

Bob Taylor is more than just a Hy-Vee employee. He is a friend to everyone he meets and genuinely wants to help everybody. Although his career at Hy-Vee may be coming to an end, his legacy will continue to live on.