Broadcast Stories

Science Scavenger Hunt

            When it comes to games there is no monkey business for these primates.

In a study done by Georgia State grad students, monkeys and humans played the same game. The game consisted of different patterns to earn a reward. However something strange happened.

Monkeys did better on the game than humans did. The monkeys that were tested showed much more adaptability than humans. While humans are accustom to a set way of doing things monkeys would change their strategy to find the best one.

This experiment simply showed how humans stuck to one way of doing things, while the monkeys always tried to find something new. Being stuck in a certain way of doing things made humans not find the short cuts in the game. The monkeys though seemed to find it every time.

Though not a bad thing it is interesting to see how set we are in our ways. This could lead to finding different ways of teaching children. Teach them be more outside the box thinkers. Only time will tell but for now it is monkeys 1, humans 0.

Story 2

                 Feline Prison Break?

At the Friends for Life animal shelter in Houston Texas, a strange phenomenon takes place. A cat by the name of Quilty, has been found guilty of prison breaks.

            Quilty is said to frequently break out of his cage in the animal shelter. However that isn’t the only thing that this feline is guilty of. He never leaves his friends behind, so he breaks them out too.

            Quilty breaks out of his cage so frequently that the shelter had to “Quilty proof” The feline room in order to keep all of the inmates contained. This involved moving Quilty into “solitary confinement” to try to stop these mass escapes.

These “prison breaks” happen frequently around the animal shelter and have drawn a lot of attention on social media. The shelter has started to create tshirts that say “Free Quilty”, and has joked around with him being in “jail”.

Through all of this Quilty is now on a week trial with a new family, and finally might get the freedom that he so desperately wants. The only question is will he get sent back for cat burglary?

Only time will tell but for now the ex con is just enjoying his time with his new family.

Story 3

                In a spectacular tale that could be turned into a novel, 3 cows survived on a desert island through sheer determination

            After Hurricane Dorian hit the coast of North Carolina these 3 friends were swept out into the ocean. Thought to be lost the currents of the raging hurricane, the cows swam over 5 miles to a deserted island. They survived on the island by grazing off of the land.

            The cows were part of a herd of 20 wild cattle that were thought to be dead after they had been swept away.

            They were on the island for almost a month, when a park ranger noticed one of the cows on the island. Within the next 2 weeks the other two cows were found on the same island.

            At this time park rangers are determining the best method to return the cow’s home safely. The best idea that they have come up with is to sedate the cows and bring them back.

            Nobody knows how these 3 friends survived the hurricane, but they are finally on their way back home.