Science Scavenger Hunt

Science Scavenger Hunt

            When it comes to games there is no monkey business for these primates.

In a study done by Georgia State grad students, monkeys and humans played the same game. The game consisted of different patterns to earn a reward. However something strange happened.

Monkeys did better on the game than humans did. The monkeys that were tested showed much more adaptability than humans. While humans are accustom to a set way of doing things monkeys would change their strategy to find the best one.

This experiment simply showed how humans stuck to one way of doing things, while the monkeys always tried to find something new. Being stuck in a certain way of doing things made humans not find the short cuts in the game. The monkeys though seemed to find it every time.

Though not a bad thing it is interesting to see how set we are in our ways. This could lead to finding different ways of teaching children. Teach them be more outside the box thinkers. Only time will tell but for now it is monkeys 1, humans 0.