Article 2

As a wrestler cutting weight is a double edged sword.

On one side you have kids who don’t cut weight. Usually heavyweights and other upper weights that can eating lots of food to replenish their energy after a hard practice.

On the other side you have the kids who cut weight. Usually the lighter guys that are on the team, there is a lot less eating and a lot more working out.

I spoke to 3 current or past Morningside wrestlers on their experiences about cutting weight

            Keegan Hessler, a Morningside wrestling alumni, recalled on his days of cutting weight. Hessler wrestled at Morningside for 4 years at 125 pounds. Now an assistant coach for Morningside, when asked what the most challenging thing about cutting weight is, Hessler responded “Cutting weight is more a mental grind than a physical one. If you can get over that mental block the weight comes off much easier.”

            At heavyweight, Phil Rasmussen, a junior at Morningside, is someone who doesn’t have to cut weight regularly. The heavyweight weight class is a max of 285 pounds, and Rasmussen weighs in at around 260. When asked if he had any problems during the season with weight, he responded, “Even though I may not cut weight, I do have to watch what I eat. As a heavier guy I have to maintain a higher weight so I eat much more than the normal wrestler.”

            In the middle of the 2, Cameron Williams, a junior at Morningside, was asked if cutting weight ever effects the way that he competes. With no hesitation he said, “Of course it does. I have been doing this for so long though that at this point it is just another part of the sport. I have a goal in mind. To be a national champion and when I think about that it makes the weight cut just one more thing to do.”

            Cutting weight is something that all wrestlers, and not many other people can understand. It takes a toll mentally and physically on the body. The season is a long one. Every wrestler does it every year, to chase that chance at greatness and be at the top of the podium. Whether you are trying to eat up, or slimming down, talking to a wrestler one time will change the way you think about food.