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#1 ranked Alabama goes down as they lose to unranked Texas A&M making Nick Saban 24-1 against former assistant coaches

This most recent Saturday October 9th the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide took on the unranked Texas A&M Aggies as a part of the Saturday college football schedule. After a first half of football Alabama the football powerhouse was trailing 24-10.

When most college football fans saw Bama was trailing at half mostly nobody was concerned because Bama was supposedly the better team by far. But, however the Aggies had nothing else in mind, they fought and clawed against the best team. in the nation for the whole second half.

Their efforts paid off when the Aggies got a chance to win on a last second 38 yard field goal. As the game closes the ball floats through the uprights and they upset Alabama. The college football world was in shock as the “unbeatable” Bama team was defeated.

This lose broke several running streaks for the football powerhouse and their historic head coach Nick Saban. Alabama was currently on a 19 game winning streak before the game coming off a National Championship the year prior. Before this loss Nick Saban Alabama’s head coach was 24-0 against his former assistant coaches.

The last streak went away after the loss for Alabama was the last 100 games Bama played against an unranked opponent they had won.

This upset is very important to the general public and the football community because it shows that even a football giant can lose. Sort of a David and Goliath story. Congratulations to Texas A&M for not giving up and fighting until the end of the game to come out onto and defy history.

Last Conversation before Class

I was sleeping because I was tired from driving my friend to Omaha airport at 4:30 am. When in my lovely nap my annoying, childish and stupid roommate knocks on my bedroom door. I wake up out of my nap that had been going on for about 30 minutes. Talking for other sides of my bedroom door I was still faced down in my pillow. He said that is car is suck in the school parking lot because the battery died and asked if he could take my keys to jump his car. I said sure as long as my car was back before 9:35 because I had class. Not even two minutes later he said, “Oh I will just have campus security jump it for me.” This was frustrating because I was woken up from my nap for literally no reason, if he even had an ounce of problem solving in his body he would’ve solved the problem without waking me up. It was a bad last conversation before class because I am now in a pissed mood.

Old Star NCAA football coach and 0-4 NFL Coach Urban Meyer in trouble

The newest story of Urban Meyer is notable and newsworthy for many reasons. He recently moved up from NCAA coaching as a powerhouse at Ohio State to now a 0-4 coach for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars. The story surrounding Meyer was that he was at a bar and was recorded grinding/ dancing with a college age woman who was indeed not his wife.

This is big news because he is for one cheating on his wife, it shows bad leadership skills by being a distraction, shows minimal effort toward the team. Especially with his team sitting at 0-4 this is a horrible example. The article however was focused on his apology.

The article was well written, but seemed biased in favor of Coach Urban Meyer; they really focused on the apology and how Urban Meyer was not going to resign over the incident. The audience was NFL and college football fans. The article is missing the video of Urban getting danced on, and the fact that the bar he was getting danced on had a picture of him and his wife on the wall.

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Jon Jones gets inducted into UFC Hall of Fame and then gets into a domestic violence incident.

A week ago Jon Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, this was very exciting for the UFC community because Jon Jones has came through a lot of adversity with drugs, alcohol, and performance enhancing drugs. Allegedly after the ceremony a drunk Jon Jones got into a domestic violence with a woman supposedly he had pulled her hair.

When police came to the scene Jones go into a verbal altercation with the officers. After the officers threatened to tase Jones the verbal threats stopped and he was arrested. According to the police report Jones started bawling when he was read his writes. Jon Jones since then has claimed to be done with alcohol altogether and plans on still fighting in the UFC. UFC president Dana White hasn’t fired Jon Jones but says he will be waiting to see how the case plays out.

This article is indeed very newsworthy. Jon Jones has been involved in some of the most conflict off the mat in UFC history and is supposed to challenge for the UFC Heavyweight championship next. After all that Jones has overcame it would be wild if this was the incident in where it will end his UFC career or his title chances. The article is well written, but does seem to be biased in the fact that they seem to be taking Jon Jones side.

One good conversation 9.23

Dalton Thomas explains life in the Morningside area during the COVID19 Pandemic.

“Football” was the first thing that came to Thomas’ head. “We couldn’t attend college or professional football games and a good amount of college programs cancelled their program for the whole season.” Dalton films for the Morningside football team so he was still able to get a little bit of his football fix but was still a lot different. Another notable restriction was eating at the on campus cafeteria because it was a limit on how many people could eat there at a time. This point brings a positive which was that the Mustang Grill now allows 7 meal exchanges a week vs the 2 from before Covid. Lastly the limitation of having class in person, some people preferred virtual learning whereas others thought it was dumb and they weren’t getting a fair value for the tuition paid. In conclusion Mr. Dalton Thomas was able to provide multiple and valid fears, restrictions, limitations, opportunities, disappointments about Covid 19 last year.

Scavenger Hunt

While debating on who to find or who to flag down on campus I remembered that my friends got a new roommate named Beaus Wilke. Since I didn’t know Beau before hand I thought he would be a good subject for the interview.

Initially when asked to interview Beau was quoted in saying, “I really wasn’t expecting to be interviewed today.” After that I got straight into the interview I made sure to ask his favorite inspirational quote which was, ” if you’re not first, you’re last.” Although this quote was from a Will Ferrell movie Beau said, “I know it is a goofy movie but the quote is true because everything in life is a competition.”

Picture of me and Beau Wilke Below.

News Review 4

Timeline of Gabby Petito Case

Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie went on a camping trip throughout the Teton and Yosemite area. On this trip police were called multiple times and the couple appeared to be fighting. When Brian Laundrie returned from the trip Gabby was nowhere to be seen. The article outlines the timeline of the disappearance of Gabby Petito.

This story has is very newsworthy in the last few weeks in the development of the stories and evidence building in the case of Gabby Petito. The article is very detail oriented with very accurate dates and descriptions. It is a little lengthy and could los e the viewers attention.

It is lead effectively considering it is supposed to look like a timeline and it does just that. It is relaying facts and doesn’t have a point of view. I do not believe that any part of the article is missing of lacking in information.

Article 1.

Number one high school in the nation plays football game against a team that doesn’t exist.

Many are aware of the circumstances of Bishop Sycamore and what they have done and high school football. Essentially, Bishop Sycamore started a high school football program with no high school curriculum and no official roster to check the age or verify the legitimacy of all of the players.

According to CBS sports the new Bishop Sycamore head coach said, “We do not offer curriculum. We are not a school. That’s not what Bishop Sycamore is, and I think that’s what the biggest misconception about us was, and that was our fault. Because that was a mistake on paperwork.”(CBSSports)

In the same article Bishop Sycamore claims to be a charter school, which would make them the only one in Ohio. The problem with this is that no Ohio school board has recognized them as a school or a charter program. 

Bishop Sycamore play two games int the 2021 season before people realize that they may not be a legitimate program. Everyone came to this realization when they played a game against the number one high school in the nation, IMG Academy.

During the game announcers could not find names on the roster provided for some and maybe even most of the Bishop Sycamore roster. Bishop Sycamore lost very badly to IMG Academy 58 to 0. The high school game was aired live on ESPN and that is where people realize that Bishop Sycamore is not a real school. One of the funniest things initially brought about when Bishop Sycamore was discovered was that their first head coach had an arrest warrant and it was initially rumored that some of their players were well over 20. (ESPN)

Bishop Sycamore is under scrutiny besides not having a legitimate high school curriculum and facing allegations of having players well over a high school age, was that they played two games in the span of three days. This is very uncommon in the football world because football games take a while to recover from, it was unsafe and healthy for the players to be playing in two games in such a short amount of time.

According to ESPN their record last season before getting caught as a school with no curriculum 0-6. They were outscored in 2020 by a score of 342 to 49 by all of their opponents. 

Although many accusations and negative light has been shown on Bishop Sycamore they still have a head coach and a football program. With their new coach who isn’t being arrested for warrants, he has plans to keep Bishop sycamore growing and help his players play college football. Many teams have withdrawn from scheduled games against Bishop Sycamore recently and that will hurt Bishop Sycamore’s players chances at getting recruited to colleges. (USA Today)

The situation is very weird and it’s pretty unprecedented in the football world which made the story interesting.


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News Review 3

Behind-the-scenes stories of Oklahoma, Nebraska and college football’s greatest game

This story is newsworthy come this weekend. The Nebraska and Oklahoma football teams are about to play since 2010, the rivalry was one of the most storied in all of college football. “Over a period of about 30 years there, the Nebraska-Oklahoma game determined the Big Eight championship and had national championship implications,” said the great football coach Tom Osborne.

This article is very well written and covers a lot of history between the Oklahoma and Nebraska football teams. Its audience is all fans of college football and more specifically Oklahoma and Nebraska fans. Yes, this article is lead very effectively and has a purpose. I don’t believe the artlice is missing any important information, if anything the article has a little too much information.