One word: Food

29 09 2015

Seeing that grocery sack and the Little Debbie’s snack boxes through the transparent plastic, brings me back to my mom coming home for the grocery school with supper and most importantly my snacks for school lunches. Taking the fall party cakes out of the box and hearing the thin plastic crinkle. While opening the package, your nose is instantly hit with the smell of cheap chocolate icing and childhood. Biting into the cake as the frosting flakes off the cake. The sugary frosting sends a sweet pain to the back of my mount and teeth. Looking at the cake there is condensation on the frosting that some could believe is spit between the pieces of fall colored sprinkles. Underneath the icing is two layers of cake separated by a fluffy white frosting. The cake itself felt like sponge cake and the white frosting reminded me of whip cream. The whole treat is a flashback to elementary cafeterias.

Just From Quotes

29 09 2015

Local band ‘Don Juan’ opens up about the creative process and upcoming plans with member John Dodge.

John Dodge and Don Cooper have been playing music together for about three years but they are still fairly new to the music scene. At first Dodge did not believe that writing songs and playing music would amount to a career. Scared he wouldn’t make a living Dodge received his teaching degree in English.

“For a long time, I held onto the myth that, I could approach something in my life with a just-in-case attitude. That I would actually settle for something less than maybe happy.” Dodge confessed.

This new found attitude towards life carried over to their music. ‘Don Juan’ never settles with anything less than the best. This causes a lot of group arguments and more importantly advancements. “We love each other and we fight all the time. Thats the way we work” says Dodge with a  smile.

‘Don Juan’ have been writing several songs in hopes to have a product on the streets and airwaves by the end of the summer.


News Comment #5

24 09 2015

Kesha, a famous singer’s allegations that her producer, Dr. Luke had abused, raped, and drugged her. Due to a contractual agreement, Kesha’s music career could be on the line.

This is news because not only does it have the celebrity it also sparks human interest. The allegation being made against Dr. Luke are very serious. Kesha’s lawyer in an interview compares Dr. Luke to Bill Cosby. Whereas Dr. Luke and his lawyer believe that the allegations were made to escape the contractual negations that bond her to only work with Dr. Luke as her producer.

Both parties are waiting the hear the results of a preliminary injunction to first decide whether or not the contract is void.

Scavenger Hunt

24 09 2015

Not everyone’s weekend plans are as extravagant as others. Colleen Knapp, Data Entry Assistant, plans on a low key weekend.

Being gone for a couple months can really put you behind on housework, therefore a deep cleaning is scheduled for this weekend in the Knapp house. Knapp plans on taking a break from scrubbing floors and loading laundry by running to North Sioux to see her good friends. To finish off the weekend, Knapp will need to energize for the week and catch up on her sleep. Knapp laughed as she said, “I just need more sleep, because I’m old”.

Knapp was instantly excited to answer my questions, but warned me her weekend wouldn’t be the most interesting. She was very fun to interview because she laughed throughout the whole interview making it very fun.

Lead Exercise 2

23 09 2015

1. Firefighter injured after falling 15 feet during cat rescue.

The local fire station responded to a call about rescuing a Suzanne and Samantha Decker’s cat in a tree at 102 11th Ave. The cat was found in an oak tree about 50 feet up.

Bob Harwood, one of the fire fighters that responded, climb the tree and grab the Decker’s cat. With 15 feet left to go, a branch breaks and Harwood and the cat fall to the ground. Harwood suffers from breaking his left leg and is doing “just fine” at St. Lukes Hospital. The is also doing fine since he landed on Harwood.

2. End of school year outbursts causes 15 North East’s students suspensions

The fire alarm sounded three times Wednesday in protest of five classmates being suspended for a week for smoking weed in the parking lot. Ten upper classmen were suspended for one week because of the outbursts.

After the first 5 students were suspended other bursts happened, including a food fight in the cafeteria, and fire alarms being pulled without the sign of a fire.

North East’s Principal Laura Vibelius believes that the outburst are “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near”.

Vibelius sees these “incidents” ending in the near future.


3. Gas floods sewer lines as result from an overturned Texaco gasoline truck.

Sewer lines for two blocks were full of gas forcing four families to evacuate on the blocks of 48th Street and Correctionville Road.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says, “The fireman followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence”. The clean up efforts took around two hours.

Story #1

22 09 2015

Common household products can be useful around the house but can quickly become poison to children and teens. More and more children and teens are being hospitalized after ingesting one of the most unexpected household products, hand sanitizer.


Recently, six-year-old Nhaijah Russell was hospitalized after swallowing three to four squirts of hand sanitizer, Nhaijah’s mother, Ortoria Scott told CNN. Feeling dizzy and unable to walk, Russell fell and hit her head. She was monitored over night for signs of brain trauma.


CNN reports that hand sanitizer has between 45% to 95% alcohol compared to wine and beer, which contains around 5% to 12% alcohol.


“Obviously kids can get very intoxicated very quickly because of the intense alcohol content and them not realizing that just a small portion can cause them to get acutely intoxicated,” Emergency Department Director at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, John Gray told KPLC TV.


Another growing concern is teens ingesting hand sanitizer in order to get drunk. Hand sanitizer is the easiest way for minors to get their hands on alcohol. Some of the sanitizers have a much higher alcohol percentage than stiff drinks, reported Fox10 TV. Some ingest the sanitizer on a dare or because of peer pressure; others because they want to get drunk.


“As someone whose been in the emergency medicine for a long time, I wasn’t quite surprised. Kids, especially teenagers, they look for new high, new fun,” Emergency Department Director at Christus St. Patrick Hospital, John Kight tells KPLC TV.


This household poison is growing in popularity. As of 2010, around 3,266 related cases were reported. In 2014 the number increased to 16, 117 cases a year, CNN reported. Many children say they like the taste of the flavor sanitizers. Many suggest monitoring behavior and hand sanitizer usage to help reduce the amount of children and teens getting drunk from hand sanitizer. Also stay away from the scented hand sanitizers and look into the alcohol-free foaming sanitizer.

News Comment #4

18 09 2015

Stereotyping and racism are a huge issue in this county, everyone jumps to conclusions. An example of this is when Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade alarm clock to school and was quickly in police custody in fear that the alarm clock was an alarm clock. I think that this has made national news is because Mohamed is Muslim and was stereotyped for making a bomb. The story has gotten even bigger when President Obama invite the young boy to the White House for the Astronomy Night. I think that the idea of stereotyping needs to be addressed and this story brings it to the surface and gives it the attention it needs.


17 09 2015

One killed and three were injured during a car accident Wednesday morning around 11am on highway 20.

Moyer Quick, age 65 of South Sioux City died after colliding into Randy Radin, 17 of Sioux City while passing Radin two miles east on highway twenty. Patric Stewart, an Iowa Highway Patrolman said that both Quick and Radin were westbound, The rear-end of Quick’s car struck Radin’s truck forcing both vehicles into the ditch. Quick’s vehicle rolled once and came to a halt.

Quick had two passengers, his wife Dorothy Quick, 61 of South Sioux City and Maxine Steuerwald, 43 Lawton.

The three survivors were transported to Marian Health Center. Dorothy Quick is report to be in “good” condition, Steuerwald is reported to be in “fair” condition, and Radin is reported to be in “critical” condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The accident is still under investigation.

*New information has been release on the highway 20 accident Wednesday, upon hearing the autopsy results.

Moyer Quick’s autopsy report show Quick had a heart attack while he was driving, which may have caused the accident. Dorothy Quick has been release form the hospital, and Steuerwald is scheduled to be released. Radin is still in critical condition.


Lead Practice

10 09 2015

Yesterday hand-held radar guns were ordered to be banned by the Iowa Highway patrol in Des Moines, concerning the heath of the troopers.

Hand-held radar guns are said to emit radiation waves, and long term exposer could cause cancer cells. As a precaution 70 radar guns will be removed from service while studies are testing the link between hand-held radar guns and cancer cells.

“The feeling here is to err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue,” Adam Bertluti, spokesman for the Iowa Highway patrol said.  The start of this movement is from 3 Cedar Rapids officers filed workman’s compensation, claiming to have developed caver form using the hand-held radar guns.

This banishment is the first of it’s kind in the Iowa Highway patrol.

Last Thing You Remember

10 09 2015

Evelyn Edge is my roommate and teammate on the swimteam. I saw her right before I entered the library, I warned her that one of our friends was in our room. Evelyn was on the phone while I was telling her this. She is 5’10” and weighs about 150lbs. She has long brown wavy hair, brown eyes and her skin is tanned. She was wearing a green tank top, jeans, and sandals. She was carrying her yellow backpack and her keys which are on her Green Bay Packers lanyard. She is walking fairly slow due to her hip pain from swimming.