Story #4

Maria Zorrilla has had a passion and love for golf since the age of six. Following her dreams, she has traveled from Mexico to Iowa and become a college golfer and made it to nationals her sophomore year. 

Ms. Zorrilla has competed in over 300 meets since the start of her career. she is top 25 in the Mexican Junior Association, holds best scoring average at Morningside, best finish at nationals for Morningside women’s team and ahs earned 17 top 5 medals in a college career. According to Jonny Douglas, a golfer for Morningside’s men’s team, “Maria is one of the best female golfers we have.”

Ms. Zorrilla has never been one to wait for things to happen she is a go-getter. After putting in the thousands of hours of training, working hard to make her name in the golf community she reached out to Morningside’s golf coach asking for a position on the team He quickly responded with an offer and welcomed her to come to visit the school. She made the long journey and once on campus decided this is where she’d spend the next four years of her life. 

While golf comes easy to Ms. Zorrilla there have been many opticals that have tried to prevent her from playing like her back pain. After her back injury, she had to work very hard to be able to get back on her feet and play golf. She is a woman who does not take no for an answer, she will overcome any obstacle. According to Tanner Zanley, “Maria and I have a very similar thought process. It is amazing to see how far she will push herself to succeed at what she wants in life and can push through any obstacle.”

For now, Ms. Zorrilla is a certified golf instructor and is very proud of her accomplishments while working her summer internship. Maria had a great story about this past summer. It was a regular day at her golf job, helping the children learn more and she saw a boy using a club way to small. She asked him why and it was the only one he had. The next day she talked to her supervisors and grabbed a putter from the golf shop. Once the little boy reached the golf course Maria pulled him aside for a surprise. She said his face lit up and was so grateful and excited. Maria said its those little moments that really make it all worth it. Being able to make a kid excited about golf and being able to make their day. She stated that She has helped eight none profits in the area through golf and made a huge difference in the lives of Siouxland kids. In the future, Maria still sees playing golf but wants to own her own bakery. Cooking is a passion of hers. While she is only 20 and a junior in college her ambition and work ethic is far beyond her years. Ms. Zorrilla is a woman who will make a huge impact in the years to come. 

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