Mall Explosion

Our sympathy goes out to all the families impacted by today’s event. We are working closely with the police and homeland security to find the cause and make sure our customers are safe while shopping.

At 9:53 at the Mega City Mall, an explosion has occurred and 100 were injured. Two fatalities have been reported but are still not identified. Police arrived at the scene five minutes after the incident. Deputy Fuglsang stated, “We still are working on clearing the building so they can launch a full investigation.”

A 12-year-old child is still missing and is reported to have been missing prior to the explosion with an unrelated cause.

A mall worker at Victor’s Secret stated, “I was fitting a man for a new pair of underwear and when I heard the explosion I dived right under the dressing room door and hide in there with the half-dressed man.” Another mall worker who was dressed as Santas elf stated, “I heard the explosion and saw the people running out so I ran right with them.”

Deputy Fuglsang said they will going back and checking to make sure all equipment was up to safety standards. They are also going to collect all eye witness accounts. There was no prior warning and they do not think it was an intentional explosion. They are reviewing security cameras and will have a press conference later this afternoon once more information is collected.

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