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The futuristic circus is here. At Circus Roncalli, based in Cologne, Germany, they have created a 20-foot dancing elephant. This is a great new innovation not only for the circus experience but for the animals as well. A majority of animals that are in the circus are born to be sold to shows. These animals never get to experience what is like to be a wild animal they have only ever known a cage. Being born to be sold is only one way they get their animals the other is the black market. Where animals are taken from the wild at a young age. Both of these are not good for the animal. They deserve to be in the wild. That is why this new technology is so important. It is a whole new innovation for the entertainment world and can save animals. I hope more forms of entertainment that involve animals will choose to invest in this technology, for example, Sea World. They could use technology so customers can get a closer view of the animals without having to let them actually near them.

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  1. crstaff says:

    I guess I can’t read NatGeo stories. Explain what this “new technology” is. Why is this news? Who would find it interesting? Why is it onNatGeo?

    “born to be sold” That is one sad phrase.

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