Science Scavenger Hunt

This dog takes being a good boy to a whole nother level. This week a military dog named Conan, a Belgian Malinois helped take down the Islamic State leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi.

“It’s estimated that each military dog saves the lives of 150 to 200 service members,” according to the National Geographic website. These dogs are true K-9 heroes that deserve recognition just like every human hero. Even Obama sign into law that all war dogs have provisions for retirement.

These dogs do more than just track down the bad guys they also sniff out explosives, protect their handlers and can sniff out attackers. War dogs love their jobs and take it very seriously they protect their handlers and their handlers will do anything to protect them.

War dogs, like Canon, are making a difference and bringing justice to the world. They can do things no human can ever do. Mans’s best friend is more than just a friend they are heroes.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    The lead works. The first graf has some challenging words. With broadcasting you can spell things phonetically: MAL-i-noy, al bag-DADdy. Help your ocal broadcaster.

    Attribution before quotes: The NatGeo site reported….

    The last graf is fine. Broadcast does allow for “endings.” Let’s thelistener know the story is over.

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