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Both the video and the article are organized in the upside-down pyramid. The video is full of information about the wildfire. However, the article has way more information. Some of the information at the end of the news article seemed less important. The article from Vox used sources like the national forest service. While the Video from CBS they used interviews from people who are living there. I think the video really hit emotions more than the article the sound of the fire and the visual of a house burning down with people watching it touches a soft spot in people’s hearts. I also think it is intresting that the article stuck more to facts while the video tried to touch peoples hearts and make a connection. It seemed while they had the same subject the purposes of the stroies were different.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    Yes, TV is going to be the more emotional. This story lends itself to interviewing survivors — more often than experts, at least. Lots of good video. It also makes for dramatic standup for the reporters.

    With TV/broadcast you can speak to “individuals.”

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