Alex Waters.

One man, one mission, and hundreds of people touch. Alex Waters is a man on a mission to better the world around him. Waters worked with Obama on the Let’s Read, Let’s Move movement, and combat child obesity. After, Waters became an advisor at Morningside College helping kids figure out their futures. He was hired at the beginning of the Krone advising centers start. Now he is also a councilman for Sioux City elected this past election.

Waters is an inspiration to all, he talked about that you truly determine your destiny and determine what you will achieve. That he is aware of white privilege. He grew up in the United States, and he went to a private college but the sky is the limit. It is how you fill your time. Ask how you can fill your time. You have the power it is all about you in your determination. He also stated, “I believe in the difference that can be made.” Alex Waters is the most positive person you will ever meet and he has every reason not to be. His first year of college Waters was in a terrible accident that left him paralyzed never being able to walk agian and has limited uses of his hands. He has every reason to be mad at the world yet stayed positive. Waters said, “I can get involved and want to make a difference” this mindset has kept him active and moving.

Alex Waters said after a lecture once a person once told him that she would think If Alex can do this I can do this. His response to this was if that’s all she took away that’s okay with me. He is truly an inspiration for all and will change the world.

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