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Our birds are dying and we have a hand in their death. In the article, “More than a quarter of all birds have disappeared from North America since 1970” the author talks about how over 3 billion birds fewer birds are flying in North America. The study he uses in the article shows that these are not birds that were already just endangered but also our common everyday birds like sparrows. The three biggest breeds of birds to have a decline are the American Sparrows, Wood Warblers, and blackbirds. These are very important birds for many reasons. One reason is the food chain. Small local birds help with insect control, spreading seeds, and are food to other local animals. These birds are a huge part of the ecosystem. There was some good news from this study. The study showed that larger predator birds have increased their numbers.

The article ended with different ways we can help save the birds. They gave great ideas like, putting up blinds so birds won’t run into the windows as often, keeps house cats inside, and recycling. I think these are all good tips and can possibly help bring the bird population up slightly.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    Humans seem to have both hands in everything bat happening on and to the planet.

    Maybe we won’t miss the birds because we’re also killing off insects at an alarming rate.

    So, what you’re saying is this is an advocacy story. It encourages people to do something. Is that the news media’s job?

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