Scavenger Hunt

In the Fundamentals of Journalism on September 19, Fuglsang asked us to complete a scavenger hunt. My first objective was to find something with the Morningside logo on it. I headed straight over to Pastor Andy Nelson thinking he has an office full of stuff. When I walked in his office he was smiling and happy to see me. I explain the assignment and he began to laugh. He said, “Oh man! I just threw away a paper with the logo!” Then proceeded to go through his recycling bin. He fished out the paper and handed it over to me. After we talked about how I am from New Ulm because I am wearing my high school shirt today. We then shook hands exchanged names and I went on my way. 

My second Objective was to have a conversation about a favorite movie. While walking back upstairs I ran into Emma Hansen. She said her favorite movie is Gossip Girls. She loves the drama in the movie. She is also really into comedies. Emma stated, “sometimes you just need a good laugh.” When asked why she loves comedies. 

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  1. fuglsang says:

    Sounds like you asked follow-up questions. And even made a connection.

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