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The giant salamander is maybe the world’s biggest amphibian. It is also now known to be one of three distinct lineages, research suggests. This is an important new find because it opens up the possibility of more giant salamander species being out there. I find this very exciting because we still have so much still to learn about this plant.

The giant salamander is also very rare to see nowdays. They are very hard to find in China. They are being over fished because the demand for unusual food is booming so high. “”Historically, giant salamanders were not used for food or traditional medicine, and in fact they were largely avoided by local people—many communities used to consider them ‘taboo animals’ and the crying noise that they make when lifted out of the water became associated with the ghosts of dead babies, making it unlucky to touch them or even see them,” Turvey told Newsweek. The decline of this salamander has been in our era and has put the giant salamander on the endangered list.

The giant salamander is a lizard that needs to be studied more before they are gone. It is a species that could change science all around the world if studied. It has a rich interesting history to go along with their interesting look.

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    Sorry. Anna.

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    Use the last graf as part of your explanation as to why this is a newsworthy story, Ellie. Can this be applied to other endangered species?

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