Weekly News Comments.

Gulls are great parents. They will do anything to take care of their young. A male seagull will split the time sitting on the egg with the female 50/50. After reading the article, “In Defense of Sea Gulls: They’re Smart, and They Co-Parent, 50/50 All the Way” by James Gorman he defends the life habits of a gull. Gulls are well-known thieves but it is at no fault of their own. They are smart birds that learn quickly in the article he talks about how gulls will see humans throw food out and then go eat it. This teaches the gulls humans equal food. I found it interesting in this article how humans have changed the habits of nature. Gulls in the wild usually go for calms, small fish and other small sea creatures. Humans have changed it so gulls flock to beaches, landfills, sand places with a large human population. Humans have also made parenting harder for them. Humans are invading their nesting zones. This makes the gulls made. In the article he explained it as if someone was coming into your house you wouldn’t be happy either and I can understand that. I feel these sea gulls get a bad wrap. They are just trying to find the easiest way to get a full meal for them and their babies. These parents split their time between finding food and sitting on the egg. Co-parenting is how the gulls have chosen to raise their young and will literally steal the food out of a humans hand if it means their baby will eat. 

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