Monthly Archives: June 2013


Minerva’s is a restaurant located on Hamilton Blvd in Sioux City.  It is easy to find since it is right next to the Hy Vee on Hamilton.  The restaurant is pretty big and classy.  It looked like a nicer place to eat and I was very anxious to try their food.  When you walk in there is a very long bar at the front of their restaurant.  I immediately went to the bar and ordered one of their many tap beers.  I got a Summer Shandy while I was waiting for the other people to get there.  We got seated and they had plenty of room for a big group like use, so if you are looking for a good place for a kid’s birthday party Minerva’s would be a good place for that.

Once we sat down I began to look over the menu.  The only thing I had heard about this place was that they had seafood mac and cheese.  I decided to go with the cheeseburger because that sounded pretty good to me at the time.  I also got the bruscetta as an appetizer.  That sounded very good.  I also tried some more of their beers while I was waiting for my food.

The bruscetta came out first and was very good.  It had really hit the spot.  I had everyone try it and they all liked it too.  Then the cheeseburger came out.  It was very good and not overdone which was a good thing.  It came with french fries too.  They had good seasoning to them and were very delicious.  The prices on the food were not too expensive either and seemed to be very reasonable.  The waiting staff was very nice and helpful.  The always made sure that my drink was filled in front of me.

Minerva’s was a very good restaurant and I really enjoyed going there.  The food was very delicious and looked like a classy place that you could take a girl on a date to.  The atmosphere was really good.  Not too quiet, but no too loud either.  The restaurant was very clean too.  It was very easy to find and get to.  I really enjoyed my time at that restaurant and I will definitely be going back there for another meal and seeing what other options that they have that looked very appetizing.