El Tapitio

El Tapitio is a Mexican restaurant located on Gordon Drive in Sioux City.  I had driven by this place numerous times, but had never been in there.  I was anxious to eat there because I am a big fan of Mexican restaurants. When we walked in it looked like a typical Mexican restaurant with Mexican themed paintings and wallpaper. It looked like a family run business and I found out that it was.

The first thing I like to judge Mexican restaurants on is probably my favorite thing which is their salsa.  If the salsa is bad then to me my meal is ruined.  Rarely is the salsa bad, but good salsa already draws me into a restaurant. The salsa came out right away as expected.  I liked the restaurant immediately because the salsa was very good.  It had a little spice to it which I like a lot in a salsa.  They also made sure that our salsa stayed full too which was also another good thing about El Tapitio.  I also ordered the queso dip because let’s face it if you make a bad queso dip then you probably should not have a Mexican restaurant.  That came out and was also good that we had to order another order of it.  It was a great appetizer if you are looking for something tasty before your meal besides the salsa.

While I was looking through the menu I saw a lot of things that I thought would be delicious for a good lunch.  I wanted an enchilada, burrito, and a taco.  Those are usually the main things that a Mexican restaurant has to be good at.  They offered a combo that had all three, so I was pumped.  As I waited for my food to get out there, I kept chowing down on the bottomless salsa that they offer.  The food got out there in reasonable time.  The taco was very good, but I wish I would have ordered the soft shell instead of the hard shell.  The burrito was good.  I really enjoyed the enchilada the most.  It had plenty inside of it and the sauce on the outside made it very appetizing.  I wish I would have tried to put their salsa on my taco and burrito to give them a little more taste and spice.  I think that would have helped them out a lot.  I still enjoyed the burrito and taco though.  They were still very tasty and I am glad that I ordered them.

El Tapitio is a nice place if you are looking for a good Mexican meal.  They usually have some pretty cheap drink deals, so if you are looking to go have a few margaritas or a cold beer El Tapitio would be a good place to go.  I could have sat there and ate salsa and had a cold beer instead of eating and I would have still been satisfied. I will definitely go back to El Tapitio.