Bev’s on the River

Bev’s on the River is right of interstate 29 connected to the Hilton Garden Inn.  It overlooks the Missouri River.  I had heard of the restaurant before, but had never been there.  I had heard nothing but positive things about the restaurant.  I had no idea what they served or what the place looked like.  When I walked in I noticed that it was a classier place.  It looked very clean and was well lit.  They also had a very big bar that I saw when I walked in.  The dining area was very big and kind of fancy.  It looked like a good place for a date.  The dining area also overlooked the river.  They had big windows which made for a very scenic meal.  They also had a patio with seating outside, so if it is nice outside and you want to be closer to the river you could eat out there.

I sat down and started looking over the menu.  The prices were very reasonable.  I looked at the appetizers and decided to get the fried calamari and the spinach artichoke dip.  I am a huge fan of artichoke dip.  When the appetizers came out I was anxious to try them.  The calamari was okay, but not my favorite.  The artichoke dip was very good.  They served it with hot bread and it just melted in my mouth.

I then started looking at what I was going to get for my main meal.  I saw the ribeye steak sandwich and decided to get that.  I got it medium rare because I hate when the flavor gets burnt out of my steak.  I also got the steak fries to go with the steak sandwich.  As I waited for my meal I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant.  It was quiet and relaxing with the view overlooking the river.  My meal came out and they cooked my steak just the way I wanted.  I threw some barbeque sauce on it and began chowing down.  The steak was excellent.  I liked the seasoning of the fries too.  They gave me enough food that I needed a box to take the rest of it home.

Now it was time for dessert.  I was full, but they had so many good options that I just had to get a dessert.  I chose the carrot cake because I have always been a fan of carrot cake, but had not had it forever.  The cake came out and it was one of the best pieces of cake that I have ever had.  It was a big piece and it did not take me long to eat all of it.  The people I was with had a bite and also thought it was very delicious.

I would recommend Bev’s on the River for anyone that is looking for nice, quiet dinner.  I would like to check out their dinner menu and see what it has to offer.  It is a great place for a date if you are looking to take someone to a classier place.  I will be going back to Bev’s on the River very soon.