Trattoria Fresca

The restaurant we ate at today was an Italian place called Trattoria Fresca.  It is located in downtown Sioux City.  I was very excited to go to an Italian restaurant because I am a huge fan of lasagna and bruschetta.  I knew bruschetta was always a solid appetizer at every Italian place I had been to.  Lasagna is pretty basic and I knew if they got that wrong then they were not a good Italian restaurant.

The restaurant is hard to find if you do not know the exact address.  I drove by the place a few times before I actually found it.  The place is very nice on the inside.  It is classy and looked like a good place if you were looking for a good place to go on a date.  The menu had some good options and they were not overly pricey.

The bruschetta came out first and it was delicious!  I strongly recommend that you order this if you are thinking about visiting this place.  then the lasagna came out.  They give you plenty to eat.  The piece of lasagna was huge and very delicious.  I would also recommend the lasagna because the price was reasonable for the amount that you get.  I think I would try the ravioli next time I was there because I also heard that was very good.

Trattoria Fresca was very good and I strongly recommend it if you are looking for a good Italian restaurant in Sioux City.  The waiting staff was not the best that I have ever seen, but that is besides the point for how good the food was.  The waiting staff should not take away from a good meal and a good restaurant.  If you are in the Sioux City are and like Italian, go to Trattoria Fresca.