House of Q

House of Q is a barbeque restaurant located on Transit Avenue in Sioux City. I have heard of this restaurant before, but I did not know exactly what to expect going into the place. I had heard that they had over 100 beers, so that caught my eye instantly. Their menu had numerous items and I did not know what I was going to eat. I wanted a few wings, so I could compare them to the wings at Bob Roe’s Pointe After. I am also a barbeque fan so I wanted to see if their barbeque was what it was hyped up to be.

The restaurant was pretty open. There were not a ton of tables, but it was very spacious so I did not feel crowded. The staff was very friendly and appreciative that our class had chosen their restaurant for our tour of restaurants around the Sioux City area.

I decided to order 6 wings, which were very good. I did not think they were the best wings that I had ever had, but they were still appetizing. I also ordered the half pound pulled pork sandwich with French fries. That was very good and I recommend that to anyone that likes a good barbeque sandwich. They also had numerous sauces to put on the sandwich. I went with the spicy one because I like spicy foods.

I would go to this restaurant again because it had a great atmosphere with great food. The staff was very helpful letting me know what their specialties were and what tasted good. They were friendly and had our meal out to us pretty quickly considering the large group that I was associated with. House of Q is a good restaurant if you are looking to throw a kid’s birthday party or are just looking to have a good barbeque meal.