Red Bones

Red Bones is a soul restaurant located on 7th Street in Sioux City.  The place is what I like to call a “hole in the wall”.  It is located in an are of Sioux City that I am not very familiar with.  It is very small inside and if you do not get there at the right time, you might struggle to find a seat.  The restaurant seems to draw in a lot of locals.  Everyone in there including the staff were very friendly.

Red Bones is known for their catfish.  It is supposedly the best catfish in town.  I cannot attest to this because I did not order the catfish.  I do like catfish, but the southern chicken sandwich really caught my eye.  I ordered that with a side order of fries.  The meal took a while to get ready, but i feel like this was because of the large group that I was associated with.  I was anxious for the sandwich because I wanted to know whether or not it was just like a pork tenderloin that i have had numerous times in my life.  Once I got my meal, I noticed that it appeared to look like a tenderloin.  It also tasted just like one.  It tasted very good and I was very pleased that I ordered it.  The fries were also seasoned very well and tasted really good.

Another thing that people go to Red Bones for is their peach cobbler.  I did not order it because I was already filled up from my meal.  Some of the people I was with did order it, however.  They said it was very delicious and advise others to order it to polish off their meal at Red Bones.

Overall I think that Red Bones is a very good restaurant.  I know from the outside it does not look like much.  Like I said earlier it is a “hole in the wall”, but the food is great and it has a great atmosphere.  Locals were talking to us and helping us feel welcome.  I would recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a good meal during their lunch hour.