Bob Roe’s

For the next few weeks King’s Korner is going to be traveling around Sioux City experiencing different restaurants, their food, and the atmosphere of the restaurant.  The first place I stopped at was Bob Roe’s Point After which is located on 2320 Transit Ave. When I came to Morningside Bob Roe’s was the first place I was told that I needed to try because they had the best wings in town.  Right from the start I knew it was a local restaurant where people from close to the area go for a good meal.  I had high expectations because buffalo wings are my favorite food.  I did not want to be let down.

When I walked in I noticed jerseys and pictures on the wall.  The jerseys were of local players that played at the next level or local high school team jerseys.  It appeared to be a place where people could go after a game and celebrate.  There was a big bar where I saw a bunch of old men sitting around enjoying a beer.  I am guessing they had been going to that bar for years.  The restaurant was very big and looked like it could seat a lot of people.  The menu had numerous items, but I knew the pizza and wings were their specialties.  The prices were not bad, but Wednesday is the day to go if you are a broke college kid myself.  They have half-priced wings on Wednesdays.  It is the best wing deal in the Sioux City area.  The pizza is phenomenal!  They put the right amount of sauce, cheese and toppings on their pizza.  The beer I ordered was also very good.  They like to keep their beer very cold which is just the way I like it.

Overall, Bob Roe’s is a great bar and grill.  You can go in there with your friends on any given night or you can go with your whole team after a game.  You can go in there if you just want to sit down and enjoy a cold one or if you want to have a delicious meal.  The staff is very friendly and usually has your meal out to you quickly.  They are good at handling big crowds and Bob Roe’s is barely ever too crowded for you to find a seat quickly.