News Comment #34

This week, my news comment is on an article titled “After decades of letting students with addictions fend for themselves, colleges are starting to help” by Carter Sherman on Vice News. The story was interesting, and started off with a good lead in describing the addiction of a college student named Manny Delaveris, who struggles with opioid addiction which has become a widespread epidemic. It is definitely news worthy in the sense of the impact that opioid addiction has on our country as of today. Using statistics like that “the worsening opioid epidemic killed 3,200 Americans under 25 in 2015,” proves just how bad the situation is getting and just how much these people need help. But also this could fall under conflict because of the stigma surrounding addiction because most people think of it as a black or white situation which is what kept schools from offering help for so long. There is also conflict when it comes to what approaches are acceptable in the path to recovery as most people think that programs using medication like the 12-step program are still bad. Using quotes from various sources like the students who have struggled with addiction or the people trying to get them help, helps make the case that these students should be able to receive help for their addictions because it can be hard especially at larger schools for students to get sober on their own.

You can read the story here: https://news.vice.com/story/collegiate-recovery-addiction-on-campus



  1.    fuglsang:

    This is what’s called an anecdote lead. It’s also an example of what used to be called a Wall Street Journal story. It uses one person to humanize a larger issue. It’s easier for people to understand a complicated issue who you put a human face on it.

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