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Thursday February 22nd 2018



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Check out life with the door open

By Diane Nguyen--I’m not going to be the first person to say this, in the most blunt way possible, but adult life sucks. You have to pay bills, buy food, find the energy to cook the food, and then eat it. Along with juggling a job and schoolwork. Not to mention the social life you have to [...]

Letter: Now is the time for clean energy

Dear Editor: I’m writing to express my concern about clean energy and the need to have citizens and politicians alike adopt a new thought process about Iowa’s energy. A lot of the conversations about energy and climate change have been geared towards risks and the negative affects, [...]

Jump the Fence! Take a chance!

By Jenni Beaver Last week I found myself in a classroom full of people seemingly very different from myself. It was an Honors class and we were discussing dreams and goals. Left and right I heard people saying, “Be practical.” Another person would say, “You can dream, but don’t dream [...]

Where Are You From

By Jenni Beaver--A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook that talked about all of the reasons why military kids don’t like being asked, “Where are you from?” I read through it and by the time I reached the end, I couldn’t disagree more with the point the author was making. The [...]

The Man Behind the Open Door

By Jenni Beaver—When you walk into Lewis Hall, you’re left staring at a long hallway with a wide open door at the end of it. Many students will never enter that door, and will never have the opportunity to meet the man that spends his days inside. Just last week I ventured into that open [...]

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