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Sunday December 16th 2018



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What’s Going on in Japan?

By Gustav Hollnagel-- Earthquake in Japan – Did you know? Due to the misery in Japan, I’d like to devote this editorial to some updates on the happenings. In my eyes, college students should be aware of global catastrophes and its implications. So this, I guess, isn’t your ordinary [...]

Should Morningside have security cameras?

By Natasha Hemmelrick-- In the past three years Morningside College has reported only a few breaking and entering cases. These have not only been in the dorms, but in the parking lots where the cars are supposed to be monitored. Morningside has Campus Security to make sure people are not [...]

NFLPA decertifies; Owners lock out players

By Jordan Ogren-- NFL Labor talks slowed and ended last Friday afternoon just hours before the current CBA extension deadline was set to expire. The players’ union rejected a final offer from the league and made the move to decertify. The league then made the decision to lockout the players [...]

Facebook drama: Why bother?

Facebook drama: Why bother?

By Michelle Kuester-- We’ve all seen them. The catty comments on a picture, the snarky remark on a status. These comments then become the catalyst to set ablaze the flames of Facebook drama. But other providing onlookers with amusement, what does this actually solve? In my personal [...]

Smacked by the reality of student loans

By Amanda Franzen-- As one of the many graduating seniors, I recently discovered the stressful experience of sitting through the Iowa Student Loans financial meeting.  The program has good intentions but comes up short. The intentions of this meeting are wonderful.  It is highly beneficial [...]

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