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Puzzle & Dragons: A Game Review

Puzzle & Dragons: A Game Review

(05.10.2017) By Kayla Perkins -- Video game players enjoy many different genres and types of games, from rpgs to simulations, varying in popularity as the market moves, but one type stands strong atop the rest: puzzle games. Fans of puzzle games, including Bejeweled, Puzzle Quest and Tetris [...]

An Outsider’s First Experience in Sim Racing

(05.09.2017) By Austin Brunick -- I learned about the world of sim racing no more than a month ago. Sim racing, also known as simulated racing is hyper-realistic racing games that are more about driving efficiently and consistently than it is about drifting around corners and slamming into other [...]

Omaha’s Blue Sushi Sake Grill Food Review

Omaha’s Blue Sushi Sake Grill Food Review

(05.06.2017) By Austin Brunick -- Downtown Omaha, Nebraska is home to many great eateries, and by far the best place for sushi is Blue Sushi Sake Grill. On April 29th I went to Blue’s for the first time, and my first impression based on the outside was that it was just another typical downtown [...]

Gorillaz Breaks Long-Time Hiatus With “Humanz”

(05.02.2017) By Jared Martin -- Gorillaz, Damon Albarn’s long running virtual band has made its return after a six year hiatus with Humanz, a collection of electropop and hip-hop songs about the apocalypse. The appeal of Gorillaz has always been the collaborators. In the past, Albarn always [...]

Chainsmokers’ “Memories… Do Not Open” Isn’t Just a Title, It’s a Warning

(05.02.2017) By Jared Martin -- In just three short years, The Chainsmokers have gone from complete obscurity to one of the world’s most popular music acts. Riding high after dominating the charts with their single “Closer,” the producer-singer duo have released their debut album, [...]

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