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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



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Professors beware – Facebookers ahead

By Claire DeRoin ~ With end of the semester evaluations coming up for professors and instructors, I can’t help but worry for Morningside faculty. Students in the majority of my classes spend their time not listening to lectures, but browsing Facebook. I’ve looked around during class and [...]

StuGov 2011-2012 wrap-up

StuGov 2011-2012 wrap-up

By  Katie Schiltz, Student Advocate - Morningside College Student Government has had a pretty good run this year. We have made quite a few improvements on campus and accomplished many of our goals that we started creating after being elected into office at the end of the 2010-2011 school [...]

Put your money where your mouth is

By Claire DeRoin ~ Does walking around for a day without shoes really help children in third-world countries that cannot afford shoes? A Day Without Shoes/Morningside Some Morningside students recently participated in an event that is supposed to raise awareness for those poor souls that [...]

The Marriage Follies

By Claire DeRoin ~ While I’ve previously written about couples getting engaged far too early in their relationship, I’m also annoyed by something on the opposite end of the spectrum: couples that get engaged and announce that their wedding date is set- for three years in the future. I [...]

Fools Rush In

By Claire DeRoin ~ It seems like every time I log on to Facebook, another one of my friends is engaged. Don’t get me wrong; I love romance, chick flicks, and hearing mushy stories from my girlfriends about what fantastic dates they’ve been on or the cute thing their guy said to them. But [...]

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