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Thursday March 22nd 2018



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Election night a learning experience for Mass Comm students

By Paige Potter-- The presidential election is not only a hectic time for the candidates but it’s also a crazy time for the media. Especially for small college mass communication departments wanting to run a live broadcast, like the one here at Morningside. Preparation began days before the [...]

StuGov Report: Get Involved

By Ashleigh Starr, Student Advocate-- Morningside College Student Government Executives: President Kelci Teut, Vice-President Katie Schiltz, Treasurer Brendan Pinto, Secretary Jed McCoy, and Student Advocate Ashleigh Starr. Student Gov't started the school year off with a great success [...]

Mingling with ‘cheeseheads’

Mingling with ‘cheeseheads’

By Paige Potter-- A view at the early tailgaters It had been a month since the Green Bay Packers hosted a home game. The last weekend in October took care of that though. The Packers took on the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 28, which had to have been one of the coldest days in October [...]

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s tools of mesmerization

Doris Kearns Goodwin’s tools of mesmerization

By Gustav Hollnagel-- If you weren’t there for the Waitt Lecture tonight you missed out. Doris Kearns Goodwin laid out a phenomenal display of historical presidencies and their relationship and practicability to modern political contexts. Particularly when we are experiencing such a seemingly [...]

Morningside students are slobs

By Claire DeRoin-- “Why are you all dressed up?” I hate being asked that question, especially when I’m wearing jeans and a blouse. That isn’t dressed up. That’s having actual casual clothes on. If it weren’t for the majority of students wearing sweatpants and ratty gym clothes to [...]

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