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Celebrities and Heroes

The Twisted Priorities of the American People by Claire DeRoin--America’s pop culture society sure has its priorities mixed up. Caleb Moore, a 25 year old X Games participant, died Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, of injuries sustained in a snowmobile crash. According to USA Today, Moore suffered a [...]

Breaking up isn’t so hard to do

By Kara Bentz -- Ending a non-marital relationship can be one of the most agonizing tasks people endure because hurting someone is never easy. In an ideal world relationships would end with a polite handshake and a friendly “Best wishes to you,” but this is not an ideal world. Many [...]

Extra curricular activities shouldn’t outshine academics

By Claire DeRoin-- What are you looking to gain from your four (or more) years at Morningside? Good memories of fun nights in the dorms? A winning sports season? Long-lasting friendships? The freshman fifteen from that delicious Sodexo food? Those things are all good and well, but they [...]

The challenges of doing research

The challenges of doing research

By Gustav Hollnagel-- Doing hands-on research on campus has become more and important and encouraged by the college and by faculty. The biology, physics, and psychology departments now have requirements either in classes or senior theses to immerse one’s self into research. I have been [...]

Christmas at Morningside a success

Christmas at Morningside a success

By Paige Potter--On Friday night, the 17 annual Christmas at Morningside took place in Eppley Auditorium.  With a house full, the show started at 7:30 p.m. Steve Lundberg, professor in the music department, welcomed everyone to the show and had a few reminders for the crowd. The show began [...]

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