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Saturday September 23rd 2017



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Kelsey Brenner: Busy by Design

Kelsey Brenner: Busy by Design

by Rachael Arnts--Students constantly complain about their busy schedules and hectic lives. Morningside student Kelsey Brenner is an exception. The senior Math Education and Special Education double major strives to be involved in multiple activities. Brenner holds many leadership positions, [...]

Morningside Class of 2017 Prepares for Graduation

Morningside Class of 2017 Prepares for Graduation

(05.11.2017) By Kayla Perkins -- As the 2017 spring semester comes to a close, students go about their lives, be it moving home, staying on campus, or attending a May Term. However, one group of students will be ending their journey at Morningside College, as the class of 2017 prepares to walk [...]

Morningside College Alum to Open Independent Publishing Press

(05.09.2017) By Kayla Perkins -- Morningside College alum Donna Habinck has been busy since graduating in 2015 with an English and Studio Art degree, as she works on preparing for the completion of her independent publishing press, Lady Drake Inc. Working as a Librarian Assistant at the Sloan [...]

Morningside Students Create Competitive Gaming Club M’side eSports

(05.09.2017) By Austin Brunick -- The M’side eSports Club is one of the newest clubs on campus. Complete with an eSports Nexus, Morningside College students have been practicing all spring semester for what will be their first year of actual competition come 2017’s fall [...]

Morningside Alumna Creates an “Ode” to Storytelling

(05.06.2017) By Liv Minshall -- Five years ago, Morningside College alumni Ally Karsyn attended her first live literature event during an off-campus semester where she lived and worked in Chicago. Karsyn attended Essay Fiesta, and afterwards one of the founders, Keith Ecker, told her a [...]

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