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Friday March 23rd 2018



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MAC: Making college a bit more fun

By Miranda Christian-- Morningside College puts on a number of events every year. There have been hypnotists, magicians, mid-night movies, and even music events. Too often students don’t even think about who puts them together. The organization that makes these free events happen is Morningside [...]

Meet a Major: Nursing

Meet a Major:  Nursing

By Michelle Kuester-- The nursing field is one that requires its entrants to possess a lot of patience and care for others. Monica Iverson, a junior, is a nursing major who possesses both of these characteristics. Monica chose nursing as her major because she wanted to go into the medical [...]

Fraternizing with a Fraternity: Acacia

By Jordan Ogren-- A new student at a new school in an unknown community might long for a sense of belonging. One way to feel right at home here at Morningside could be to join one of the three Greek organizations on campus. Acacia is one of two fraternities at Morningside College; they are [...]

Art student needs adrenaline

Art student needs adrenaline

By Michelle Kuester-- Judy Ford is not a “typical” student at Morningside. She is triple majoring in mass communication (with an emphasis on New Media), graphic design, and photography. She has also done a lot of things that most people will never get the opportunity to do. Her life has been [...]

Do the shoes choose you?

By Michelle Kuester-- Take a look around. More specifically, take a look at the feet of those surrounding you. At the risk of looking like you have a foot fetish, what kind of shoes are the people around you wearing? There are many different kinds of shoes that can show a lot about a person’s [...]

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