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Tuesday October 23rd 2018



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Fat Boy’s Food Tips

By Kevin Green -- Your stomach bellows, your eyes grow weary, suddenly you feel lightheaded. Hunger has set-in and you need food fast. Reaching in your wallet you find one single crisp five-dollar bill. The student café is close, but you’ll have dinner there later and right now the “same [...]

Easter: Break or study session?

By Michelle Kuester-- Easter break starts Thursday, and many students are breathing a sigh of relief that the thought of five days free of classes and new homework. Students don’t realize, however, that Easter break poses an ideal time to start on some studying for finals. “I plan to study [...]

Fraternizing with a Fraternity: Delta Sigma Phi

By Jordan Ogren-- Delta Sigma Phi is one of two fraternities at Morningside College and members are always looking for new pledges. It is a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people. “I wanted to be in a fraternity since before I came to college, because fraternities offer the [...]

Sorority socializing: Alpha Omicron Pi

By Jordan Ogren-- As a new student at a new school in an unknown community, one might long for a sense of belonging. One way to feel right at home here at Morningside could be to join one of the three Greek organizations on campus. Alpha Omicron Pi is the only sorority at Morningside College [...]

MAC: Making college a bit more fun

By Miranda Christian-- Morningside College puts on a number of events every year. There have been hypnotists, magicians, mid-night movies, and even music events. Too often students don’t even think about who puts them together. The organization that makes these free events happen is Morningside [...]

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